The Beginnings Of Testing and Sampling

     So in my introduction post I told you about who I am and what I like to do. As a stay at home significant other i get bored 99% of the time. So a friend of mine asked why I didn’t sample and coupon to save money? And I thought well I don’t coupon because i don’t have a printer but I guess I could sample. And it has now become an everyday thing!

    One thing i have learned so far with sampling and testing is IT ALL TAKES TIME!!!! I can not express that enough. With some of the sites that I go on you are required to participate in all or most activites. But that doesnt mean your doing millions of surveys and getting no where. Another thing is, YOU DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT! But it’s okay because you still get a ton of really great stuff! It is a hobby that takes a lot of time and even more patience. Below are some tips for starting and sites I am a regular visitor of.


  • Create an email specifically dedicated to your sampling and testing!         When i started sampling I didnt think about the long term effects of what would be my new addiction and soon my primary email inbox was full of confirmation emails and notifications for the samples and testing sites I signed up with. If you set up a new email you always know that the emails are coming in for a reason.
  • Do your research!       If you were to go to youtube and search free stuff like i did you get thousands of hits. You will see so many videos of what samplers call weekly or even monthly “hauls”. A haul is what you get in a general time frame. When you start out your beginning hauls may or may not be exactly what everyone elses are but it all depends on the time and effort put into it.
  • Get excited!        Just like everything else in life, if you dont love what you do, it seems more like a chore than anything… So you start getting to the point of not wanting to do it anymore… Right? So get excited about the amazing things you get in the mail for free! 
  • Write it down!       I have a notebook dedicated to to my sampling and testing. Every time I sit down at the computer to sample I write down the date and what the product is and its estimated delivery date. ( 99.9% of the time when ordering samples they will give you a time frame of when it will be delivered.)
  • Keep an eye on your neighbors!      Now I know this sounds weird but if you live in the type of neighborhood I do you would understand why I say this. I have neighbors who are not the nicest of people and are always stealing our mail! I recently spoke with someone at the post office and they suggested the following: If you put a note in your mailbox for your postal worker to put anything that does not fit in your mail box or mail slot they can either hold it for you at the post office or put it somewhere on your property you think will be safe. 



~Testing SITES~

  1.  INFLUENSTER    One of my absolute favorite site is http://www.influenster.comI guess you could classify Influenster as a testing site but it really doesn’t feel like it some times. Here’s how it goes. Sign up with influenster and you have the option to link your other social accounts, keep in mind what ever extra activities you do later on influenster your friends and family will more than likely see. That said, if you do not want friends and family to see that you do these things… don’t like your accounts. However the accounts you do link give you a higher impact score. An impact score how you qualify for programs! After signing up you get to unlock badges! they have four different types of badges,  Expert badges: you get 6 of these. Life stage badges: as far as i know  you can do any and all of these. Vox Box badges : you get these when you get your first voxbox, and brand badges, when you get a voxbox especially one brought in by a certain brand you get brand badges. Influenster sends out many different types of voxboxes each month to thousands of people but depending on the badges you unlock you get an email when you qualify for a vox box… I have been a member of this site since October of last year and have gotten 3 voxboxes and one virtual voxbox which i’m still getting more info on at the moment.
  2. BZZAGENT     My second favorite testing site is . This is another testing site where you do surveys and each of the surveys you do all go with certain categories, (example: Food surveys get you into food campaigns). i have been a member of bzzagent for a few months now and qualified for 3 different campaigns and only received one. i love this site because you don’t have to do much after receiving your product and they are full sized products not sample size but i haven’t had the best luck with receiving my campaigns 2 of the 3 times. so i contacted customer services and after MANY emails i got responses saying “due to how many people are on the site and get into each campaign they don’t have extras to send out”. Super bummer but who knows you might get everyone you apply for! Another good thing about bzzagent is on most surveys or campaign participation you get MYPOINTS to send to your mypoints account however they do expire after a month or so.
  3. PINCHME        Another testing site is . Pinchme has slowly gone down on my list because they issue samples at 12:00 pm  every Tuesday and due to my Fiance’s work schedule we don’t get up till later on. But when i am able to get on at noon there never seems to be any samples left and tells me they are out of stock. Lame. I have gotten many boxes in the past and do recommend them as long as it fits into your schedule.


With the links i am about to give you they are just sample sites or forums that collect free samples for you and provide you links to get these samples and most usually do a great job of letting you know if its expired or not. Most dont require you to sign up but if i newsletter is available jump on it. i say that because you can get a rough estimate of the types of things you can get from that site on that day or in that week.

  1. Website. They send out boxes of samples or 1- 6 different products once every month or couple of months.
  2. Forum.
  3. Blog.
  4. Blog/website
  5. Blog/website
  6. Forum
  7. website
  8. website
  9. website

If you ever need help with sampling, testing or have any questions leave a comment or email me at the email address provided in the contact me links 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!


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