Blogging for books! Book review: Girl Talk by Christie Young

I absolutely love hearing about other womens experiences in life. As weird as some people might find that, it’s hard not to admit it after receiving my latest blogging for books title!
  I picked girl talk by Christie Young after doing some research on her. She use to write a comic strip on the things women go through and some of her stuff was absolutely hilarious, so I thought…. “the hell with it, I’ll give it a shot!” And I must say it was perfect!
  I was literally laughing my ass off over most of this book! To all of my female followers GET THIS BOOK!!!! And to all my male followers…. if you want a sneek peek into the life of women…. well here it is….
Below ill paste the link for you to check it out… at this moment I am on mobile due to mother nature blowing up my computer so I can’t give you the synopsis but I am able to post the link to anyone who wants to read it or buy it!



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