WOULD YOU SURVIVE AGAINST ZOMBIES? Blogging for books, book review: Fiend By Peter Stenson

  To anyone who knows me, if you were to ask what I’m usually carrying on about, it’s usually zombies or dystopian novels, like Divergent by Veronica Roth, ( which I went on about for well over a month). As I was trying to find my next read on blogging for books last week, my eyes ran over a bright yellow and pink cover of a book that I had seen MANY times before on my book lists.
  Never once did I think to click on the book and see what it was about. Honestly if I could turn back time and had taken this book instead of Triple Knot I would.
  Even though I live for zombies I do feel that some people are taking it a little far with stupid plots about zombies being able to have feelings and form relationships… smdh.
  I do NOT suggest this book be put in the hands of children under high-school age due to the graphic violence and drug references but other than that this book is the perfect read for anyone who is a fan of the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad because in my opinion its the perfect mix of the two.

Chase Daniels, is an unlikely choice for a “hero” with an even more unlikely chance of survival–an unabashed addict who has just snapped out of a week-long drug binge to find himself facing a dystopian nightmare. In a world narrowed down to meth-heads and (a refreshingly original take on) zombies, this kid, with his only vaguely remaining moral compass, is our only option for empathy, our only hope for humanity. He’s got no special skills, and he’s not connected to a crucial government agency. He knows only what he sees or feels, and so do we. It’s gritty, it’s gripping, and it’s a great debut. 

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