Q: When Did Drinking And Cooking Become A Good Idea? A: Ten Shots Into The Night! Blogging for books review of The Drunken Cookbook

  I have mentioned before that I don’t really drink. When was younger I use to drink whenever I could and wore out my partying days really quick. So n I am more of a social drinker. I guess I realized its funnier washing others get completely plastered and make asses of themselves than being the one making an ass out of myself.
  I picked out The Drunken Cookbook by Milton Crawford, author of the hungoevr cookbook, from blogging for books because my significant other (Timothee) does enjoy drinking when he can. The stories I could tell you about him and food when he is drunk! To keep it short and sweet, I have completely banned spaghetti when he is intoxicated.
  So I pick up this book and the first page I turn to is a picture of a cross made out of words that pretty much tell you “If you can’t figure out how to read this…. stay the hell out of the kitchen!ā€ It goes on to describe the different levels of intoxication and what types of recipes to stay away from.
  Including in this book are 42 amazing recipes that honestly sound nothing you cold create in a drunken state at 4 a.m. b rather something you might find in a nice restaurant. Some of which are Spanish Style Fried Garlic Prawn Baguettes or Stuffed Grilled Mussels.
  Now I’m not entirely sure how to rate this book. I mean, do I get completely hammered, try to cook something, possibly get second or third degree burns and then rate it? Or can say that visually the book is appealing to the eye with its redish-orange cover,adorably drawn characters, and drunken humor as well as some yummy sounding recipes. Below as always is the buying link.

**Amazon Buying Link**


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