If you lost someone in your past would you bring them back into a world of pain and suffering?

  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that shortly before moving to Indiana I lost my adoptive mother. This woman taught me everything! I mean how to cook and clean, arts and crafts and of course she was always so supportive of my love for books and my love of music. When I lost her I felt like I lost my world.
  All the things we did together seemed like such a choir and a waste of time at that time, I missed to much and regretted the way I acted towards her. She did so much for us and she didn’t even need to. But now myself my brothers and sisters… we are motherless… we don’t have our mom who we can call when I am making my lattice apple pie and my dough isn’t right, or I have another random question about another random subject that no one else could answer as well as my mother….
  I got Motherless by Erin Healy from booklookbloggers today and started reading it and I honestly can’t put it down… so I’m trying to socialize while reading but I’m missing so much of everyone’s conversations. I’m not usually into many christian authors other than Ted Dekker but Miss Erin is an awesome writer! Her use of words and her comparison abilities astound me. Some day I would love to me a writer as good as her! I’m giving this a very sincere 5 stars!



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