Oi >.< Christmas, Canollis and crap

So this week I do not have a book from blogging for books because there was an error when they processed and shipped my last book so I have to wait for my new book to come in. Over the course of the next course of the next couple of days I’ll be attempting to cover some of the other books that I have gotten the past month from sites like goodreads and what not.
  As for everything else I feel drained… its not that I have been doing much because I really haven’t but mentally I feel drained…. it seems like every once and a while I just get into this mood of being frazzled and easily frustrated. I’m in the process of opening my own bakery. I have a few customers and a huge order for Thanksgiving which I’m so stoked for. It is for a someone who ordered from me last year. But this last week I was contacted and asked to do a batch of 3 canolli. No problem, I thought! So the first filling I made for them was made with ricotta and it came out grainy and I knew I couldn’t fill them with it. So I went and got heavy whipping cream and attempted to fill them with that. Well it was hot in the kitchen and the whipped cream started to melt… they looked so unprofessional and I was so disappointed in them. I always encourage my customers to give feedback to the email on the back of my business cards. I have yet to receive any feedback and im am crushed…. I just need things to go right and smooth.
  And of course everywhere I turn is Christmas… I despise Christmas. Sam Sam is determined to pull me out of my Grinch state but I don’t know…. Oi….. I’m so blah right now!


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