Are you the D.I.Y. type?

So I am super excited because I have finally gotten my latest book from blogging for books!
Its called D.I.Y. type and literally all it is, is a couple examples on how to use this book and a bunch of stencils. I use to love scrapbooking with my mom and it would have been great to have these. It comes with two full alphabet sets in different fonts and a couple of boarders for accents, but its a great start for your collection.
I created a banner for my room as well as my friends sisters room because her walls were bare and she’s been saying she needs decorations for it. All it took was these stencils and some paint swatches! Super easy, super cheap and super cute! I have so many plans for these! If you are the D.I.Y. type you should pick these up! I give it 3 of 5 stars. I love these but wish they were smaller or more came in the set.




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