What are you making in your kitchen? Blogging for books review: In the Test Kitchen by Tyler Florence

   Growing up, I learned to cook early. Working in the care home took knowing how to put together three full square meals a day and for so many people at once. At the time I can honestly say… I hated it! Now, I realize my mom taught me soooo much!
    This Thanksgiving our house hosted for my fiancés family. Everything was going great! We did all preparations the night before, like cutting the veggies, boiling eggs, those types of things, so most everything was easy. While I was sitting at our dinning room table reading my latest book, I heard what sounded like water boiling over, I’m not ashamed to say that it happens sometimes in our house, I look back to the kitchen and see smoke billowing out of the top of our stove! Our oven caught fire due to way way WAY to much butter! And it happened a couple times before we realized what the problem was. Everything turned out fine though and we had a wonderful dinner. Afterwards I made some much needed family calls!
   My latest Blogging For Books addition is In The Test Kitchen by Tyler Florence. In this book Tyler Florence aims to create better versions of old classic recipes. I love the idea behind this book. When I first opened it I thought this kind of reminds me of a journal, I mean honestly how cool would it be to own a 5 star chefs personal cookbook!? Tyler Florence gives so many ways to make comfort foods, holiday foods, and just plain family dinner foods so much more enjoyable! I think to anyone who loves to cook or anyone who goes to potluck style gathering often this would be a great book to have laying around your kitchen. I can bet any recipe you introduce to people from this book will start a great conversation! Don’t forget, as always, the buying link will be below. Check it out, you just might like it. And of course Happy Reading Loves!



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