Borrowed, Blue,Old,New The Knot: Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas by Carley Roney, book review

   If you are a bride to be, a wedding planner or just obsessed with weddings… chances are you think about weddings 24/7. When I saw this collection of books I instantly thought of my soon-to-be sister-in-law.
   Most brides know of the right? Well if you haven’t already checked it out, you really should! It is one of the most perfect places for brides-to-be. The people from have helped create books to help with anything wedding related, including a men’s guide to weddings and a book of lists, perfect if you can’t function without a list of some sort.
   Some of these ideas are gorgeous but keep in mind there are ALWAYS d.I.y. ways to make wedding decorations so much cheaper. Also take into account, some flowers will not be available in your area or around that time of year. Make sure you make a list, Google what you need to and plan, plan, plan.
   This book includes hundreds of awe inspiring cakes, bouquets, centerpieces as well as ideas on how to write your own wedding vows and speeches. In my opinion I would only use this as a difference but not to plan the whole wedding! 3/5*

*Disclaimer * I received this from completely free for review purposes!

* * * Amazon buying link***



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