Holiday VoxBox reviews!

   So before anything else I need to state that I received all of the following items completely free from influenster for testing purposes!
   With that said I will begin with saying, I received my second holiday voxbox this year and I love it more than the last year! One of my favorite things about influenster is they give you quality products not knock offs they expect to last! Let the reviews begin!!!!
*Rimmel London scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal eyeliner: I love my eyeliners! And ever since I was that rebel teen in love with black I have always had the hardest time finding eyeliner that has that thick, cake-like texture. But kohl kajal meets those guidelines for me! I love it and it works great for my wings… its bold and easy to fix!

*Rimmel London gentle eye makeup remover: I was just hearing something not to long ago that if you sleep in makeup you age your skin by a week every time you do it. I always use to sleep in my makeup…. part of the reason was laziness but also because I felt that makeup remover was a waste of time and money… This makeup remover is cheap and isn’t heavy so you don’t feel like your skin is weighed down with oil after use!

* NYC New York color expert last lip color- SugarPlum: Normally I don’t wear lipstick because it is heavy and I have the hardest time finding a shade I like that pairs well with my skin tones lol. But the Sugar Plum shade is so light that it kind of makes it look like I have on gloss versus actual lip stick. And even though I love the color it is still heavy and I don’t don’t like that.

* Celestial Seasonings candy cane lane decaf green tea: I grew up drinking tea all day, everyday. Now I’m older and drink tea all day everyday lol. So when I saw this tea I got excited… my favorite tea is plantation mint because of the strong mint flavor… the mint flavor in this one wasn’t that strong, in fact, I couldn’t really taste it that much so I was a little disappointed.

* Boots No. 7 protect and perfect advanced serum: Sam told me this is a great brand but I had never heard of it before. I get really bad dry spots on my face and in some spots, very oily spots… after using my sample it seemed to help level that out a little but not for long.

* McCormick Gourmet All Natural Thyme: I don’t use Thyme but my fiance used it in spaghetti last night and it tasted better. It wasn’t to strong so I liked it!

* Fruit Vines Bites Strawberry: I like how these are similar to pull apart licorice. And they are small enough that they pack quite a few in one package. Perfect for sharing with other friends or family. That’s what happened with mine! Lol.

* Ecotools Sleek and shine hair brush: I adore ecotools products. I have never had to worry about faulty products while using them. I love this brush but I sometimes don’t like it. This brush features two different types of bristles, and with my hair at thick as it is I can only use it after and during the straightening process of my hair!

If you are interested in influenster and would like an invite, comment below! During December if you join through my referal link you and I will be entered to win a grand prize and for every person who joins through your link you will get a better chance at winning this grand prize. So share the influenster love y’all!


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