To Be A Legend

Day 4 of Dystopian week and today I’m covering Legend by Marie Lu. I just started this book last week and finished it
   Day is 15 and a criminal. June is 15 and a prodigy being trained for a high rank military career. Day has a sick little brother. June has a dead older brother. Two people from two different worlds are thrown together in this dystopian young adult novel, one fighting for life and the other fighting to take life away, so what happens when they figure out who the other is?

   This book makes you stop and think about the differences in people when they are born and/or raised in different settings. The areas the main characters remind me of the war between the north and the south. You see how things work in each place and how the government takes over the poor sector, by quarantine, forces them to live a very hard life. At the same time you see how they expect high ranking families to live, act and hold themselves.

* Pros: Great descriptions, seamlessly added back stories for the characters.
* Cons: Split stories, like one chapter is one characters and the next is the others… gets confusing at times.


17 thoughts on “To Be A Legend

    • No I haven’t lol after I finish my pop sugar challenge books I’m reading the other two books though! I’m looking for a ton of new books to read so if you ever have any suggestions or recommendations please send them my way!


      • Oh lol I know how that goes. There area just so many books to read and so little time. That’s great I’m also doing the popsugar challenge. I can give you so many suggestions lol. Depending on what you like to read.


      • I read mostly anything but I try to stay away from the sappy romance books. I’m more of the horror, dark, dystopian types lol. Have you already figured out your list for pop sugar or are you picking as you go? A ton of the ladies from my bookworm group are doing it and are writing out their lists… so I went the same route and made a collection on my kindle and a shelf on good reads to help keep track of it. I’m just missing a few from my list….


      • I’m the same way. I really cant stand the sappy romance books. That’s interesting. I love dystopian but I don’t think I’ve read any that are horror/dark yet. Well if you haven’t read it. I think Divergent is an amazing series.That’s a good idea I was just going to pick as I go but making a list will be easier. It will help to make sure I actually read those books since I have so many I want to read already.


      • Lol oh yeah I have read the entire divergent series a few times! Definitely one of my favorites! Uhm have you read any books by kendare Blake? His Anna dressed in blood and girl of nightmares is really good! I’ll have to get a list and give them to you


      • Yeah it’s by far one of my favorite series also. No I haven’t yet but Anna dressed in blood is currently sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I bought it in December based on the cover alone because it was eery. Then I read the back and it sounded great. I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I’ve been looking for some dark and eery stuff to read. I would love it if you could give me a list. That would be great. It’s also great speaking with you. I haven’t found many bloggers that actually respond.


      • I love knowing someone actually reads my stuff! So I try to respond to everyone! Lol so right off the top of my head I have a few
        The Winters people by Jennifer McMahon
        Bird Box by Josh Malerman is really good
        And I have a lot by ted Dekker! He is one of my favorite author. He is technically classified as a christian author but he doesn’t write like it. His stories are full of action and crime and murder,
        The keeper, forbidden and mortals are one series that is like dystopian but it covers a different take on zombies…. not the eat your brains zombies but like emotionless people zombies lol
        The priests graveyard
        The bonemans daughter,
        The bride collector
        Water walker
        Immanuels veins
        And even though its not horror or thriller
        Blink of an eye by ted Dekker is pretty good

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      • I wish I had more time to read. It’s so hard for me to get some time for myself to read. If you don’t mind me asking what book did you choose for a book that became a movie? I’m having a hard time choosing. Since I’ve read most books that have become movies lol


      • I haven’t read gone girl yet or Anna keranina so it might be one of those. But if I don’t use those I’ll use winters tale. I loved the movie and didn’t even realize it was from a book! Are you having a hard time with the hometown book category? I’m from a very small town and can’t get that one figured out lol


      • Gone Girl was really great. It’s a little slow at some parts but other then that there are some great twists and turns. I didn’t know Anna Keranina was a movie and its been on my list to read for a while. I guess I can use that. Thanks. I haven’t officially picked a book for that category but I’m not having a hard time with it because I’m from nyc and there are a lot of books based here lol. Have you tried googling books that take place in your hometown.


      • Yeah and I came up with nothing so I might have to have one from the closest big town from where I’m from. It would be easier if I was from New York lol


      • Yeah that might be the only way if there’s none from your hometown directly.Yeah it would be easier since there is so much placed in ny lol but sometimes its annoying since I’m from here. I read books and say sheesh ny is nothing like this lol


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