So today is day 5 of dystopian week here at The Homemakers Hobbies HQ and I realize I have made a booboo. In the announcement that I shared the amazon buying links I posted the wrong book to the list. My Blood Approves does NOT belong on the list. It is not a dystopian book! I had Lush by S.L. Baum planned for today! Lol

   Bluebell is different than most kids her age. After leaving training tech, where all kids live for 12 years, and being branded a lush, she discovers her live is turning upside down and she has no control over any of it. She is now a Lush Ambassador and represents everything Concord stands for. Well… she’s supposed too. Between her perfect mother and high ranking grandfather it should be no problem… right? So why are strange accusations being sent to her tablet for only her to access? And why is she reading a story that she swears she had dreamed before?

  This isn’t a normal dystopian, it isn’t dark, or the horror type of dystopian. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Not fearing for the characters but wanting to find out what happens next. The author opens up a lot of back stories and gives information that she has said is explained in the next book… Of course it does… she wouldn’t sell as many books… duh! It ends in a cliff hanger… again… its to keep you wanting more!!!!! Give it a chance!
*Pros* seamless writing, great character development, light dystopian


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