Too young to feel this damn old….

   Tuesday is my 25th birthday and I feel sooooo damn old. In life you go through so many important days and you never really know the significance of them until your older…. let’s see….
We have your first birthday…. and let’s face it… that shit isn’t for anyone but your patents who live to take those embarrassing pictures you will never live down…. skip forward a few years and your at your 13th birthday…. you can’t really celebrate thus one because well…. to you you are now a teen but to your parents…. your still a child. 16 is huge for girls… super sweet 16 right you get your permit/licence and you get to go to prom. 18 your out of school, home and in the real world. Great, right? Till you start getting bills in your name that seem outrageous but you always find a way to figure it out…. Then the big 21 comes and you can party and drink and get locked in jail for public intoxication…. who doesn’t want that?
   No one really cares about the next couple decades till you hit 50 or even 100 if your lucky. But I do. A quarter of a century is huge time because I look back at everything in my life and think… how the flying hell did i make it!? But there are still things I wish could have been done but live and learn right? I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster as the days tick closer…. so I’m doing what I do best when stressed out… blogging baby!
   So I’m curious…. what is one day that you will always remember? Be it a birthday, holiday or even the day you were picking your nose and found a penny…. it doesn’t matter… because it was something for you… let me know! Love y’all and happy reading!


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