When you are near your enemy, do you really know they are enemies?

I’m just going to jump into this one because I’m not thrilled about it….

Spademan–the kill-for-hire antihero from Shovel Ready–returns in another riveting, twisted, genre-busting novel from Adam Sternbergh

It’s a year after Shovel Ready. Persephone is ensconced with her newborn upstate; Simon the Magician is struggling to keep control of Harrow’s evangelical empire; and Spademan has accepted a seemingly routine job: to snuff out a no-good bed-hopper named Lesser. Lesser has been causing headaches all over the limnosphere, racking up enemies left and right. But Lesser comes back from the dream with a wild claim: that the terrorists have found a way to infiltrate the limnosphere, to hijack the luxury virtual escape from the inside. And they’re doing it from somewhere in New York.

Spademan is not used to having enemies–his foes usually end up dead pretty quickly–but he tries to stay vigilant about the dangers that lurk right under our noses. He’s about to find out just how close these new enemies are–and how dangerous they can be

My review: I was not happy about this book at all. For the second time in the past few months I have received a book that doesn’t give me a lot of emotion…. yes there is feelings and action….. and no damn dialog. Just like Fiend there is nothing to tell when someone is having a conversation or if someone is thinking or doing something. I don’t know why this bugs me so much but it does… I have heard of so many authors who have gone to school for years in English classes before becoming an author. So is this a new fad!? Writing like a 3rd grader? Like… wtf!? I’m losing all faith in literature. I read so many good reviews about this book but it wasn’t for me. Thanks Adam Sternbergh for wasting my time!



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