Forget about where your children are… do you know what your putting on and in their bodies!?

I wouldn’t consider myself health conscious but occasionally i like knowing what is in some of the products i buy or eat. Now i have ruined many meals for myself by finding these things out. Now I would consider myself one of those people who thinks… if i don’t know its there it shouldn’t affect me but i got a new Blogging for Books addition and i am amazed at whats in these food and drinks. If these types of things interest you, you should check out this book: This is What You Just Put In Your Mouth? By Patrick DiJusto. Amazon Buying Link:

*Synpsys* All of these pressing questions and more are answered in This Is What You Just Put In Your Mouth? Based on his popular Wired magazine column What’s Inside, Patrick Di Justo takes a cold, hard, and incredibly funny look at the shocking, disgusting, and often dumbfounding ingredients found in everyday products, from Cool Whip and Tide Pods to Spam and Play-Doh. He also shares the madcap stories of his extensive research, including tracking down a reclusive condiment heir, partnering with a cop to get his hands on heroin, and getting tight-lipped snack-food execs to talk. Along the way, he schools us on product histories, label decoding, and the highfalutin chemistry concepts behind everything from Midol to Hostess fruit pies.
Packed with facts you’re going to want to share immediately, this is infotainment at its best—and most fun!—which will have you giving your shampoo the side-eye and Doritos a double take, and make you the know-it-all in line at the grocery store.

Now I read this in one sitting because it is small and doesn’t have much to it but each product they cover has its own little section and what is in it and then after you read what is in it you have a back story on it which is kind of cool because you learn why certain products use certain drugs or chemicals or even why the creators of A1 sauce uses raisin paste in their recipe. This book covers things like dog food, snack foods (Doritos and  hot pockets), and soaps, gasoline and even heroin. Not that i know anyone who wants to know what is in heroin but if you ever needed to argue the contents at least you know some facts i guess. This was a very interesting book, with interesting facts like how K.Y. lubrication for men contains honey but for some reason i was expecting something else. I think i wanted to find out what gross and appalling things where in products so i knew what to stay away from but it is literally what the product is made of and explains where those products came from and what they are mainly used for… I give is 2 out of five stars. I recieved this book completely free for review purposes only!

this is what you just put in your mouth cover


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