Long Overdue respect and love to my Bestie!

I think everyone has that one friend who is always there for you and has nothing but time when you need help… and if by any chance you don’t… I am so sorry. I have an amazing friend who never seems to understand how much I truly appreciate her and everything that she does for me. But at the same time I am not usually the type of person to tell her. So today I would like to tell you all about my friend Sam. Sam may not mean anything to you but I don’t know how I could ever get anything done without her. I know we piss each other off every once in a while but that’s a normal human thing and we tend to get over it by the next day or so.


See I don’t drive and haven’t since I got my permit taken away. Sam has never had any problems with running me to the store or to pick something up and even though I know she doesn’t like being out in the dead of winter freezing her buns off, she never complains and pushes through it for me. But its not just that, her and I have been through a lot together, three moves, a cross country car ride in a jeep liberty with three other people and three full grown dogs ( Never doing that again), loss of family members, our significant others being home all the time, our significant others being at work all the time, children, pets, absolutely retarded room mates, crazy family members… it seems like we have been through it all and no matter what every time we are together her and I are in the biggest laughing fits ever!

I suffer from depression horribly and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Samantha I would be in bed and sleeping 24/7 because I normally don’t want to be around anyone… period. She has pulled me out of that funk and continues to make me laugh. I think the only thing that still needs work is my love of all things Christmas. She is slowly breaking me down though because she gets so excited over everything around that time of year. Thank you Sam for always being there as a strong support system, a hilarious friend and a wonderful part of my inner circle!

So tell me, who is your best friend? How long have you known them? Why do you love them!?



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