“Knock! Knock!” “Who’s there?” “ANITA!!!!”


I am a huge believer in the fact that laughter is the best medicine! Now when I start a book I think hmm I could use some crime or maybe something sad! But i started reading multiple books at one time so i had something to choose from. You don’t live the same day over and over again… unless you actually do and in that case, well, I’m sorry because your life sucks balls. The point I’m trying to get to, do you want to read a sad story 24/7? NO! You will eventually get to a point in time where you want something new, fresh and interesting because if you aren’t feeling it that day, are you really reading with the utmost interest? So if you aren’t, are you obtaining everything you can from the words your attempting to read? Occasionally I read something with a little humor that way it keeps things exciting.

My latest blogging for books came in the other day and I have already finished it. I picked The Marauders By Tom Cooper. Now when I read the synopsis for this I was drawn in for one reason… I know it sounds bad but even though I don’t do drugs I am very intrigued by the mind of someone on drugs. As weird as that seems it is kind of hard for me to explain without sounding even crazier so we will leave it at that. Now when I started this I jumped in quick and couldn’t stop so I can say it was a great book I just wish it was more of what I thought it would be.

I laughed a lot in this book so you could go from being serious one minute to your family laughing at you while your in the bathroom laughing at something else. Don’t judge me! We all read in the bathroom… YOU KNOW IT! I think the biggest reason I got so excited was because it seemed like a sick twisted version of The Goonies! I am a die hard Goonies fan and can proudly say that I do the truffle shuffle at night before bed just to make my fiance laugh… Try it… it really works! Lol anyway I will leave the book synopsis and buying link below but I would definitely check this book out! As always my lovely bookworms, HAPPY READING!

***Amazon buying link***


***The Marauders Synopsis***

When the BP oil spill devastates the Gulf coast, those who made a living by shrimping find themselves in dire straits. For the oddballs and lowlifes who inhabit the sleepy, working class bayou town of Jeannette,  these desperate circumstances serve as the catalyst that pushes them to enact whatever risky schemes they can dream up to reverse their fortunes. At the center of it all is Gus Lindquist, a pill-addicted, one armed treasure hunter obsessed with finding the lost treasure of pirate Jean Lafitte. His quest brings him into contact with a wide array of memorable characters, ranging from a couple of small time criminal potheads prone to hysterical banter, to the smooth-talking Oil company middleman out to bamboozle his own mother, to some drug smuggling psychopath twins, to a young man estranged from his father since his mother died in Hurricane Katrina. As the story progresses, these characters find themselves on a collision course with each other, and as the tension and action ramp up, it becomes clear that not all of them will survive these events


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