ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant product line review!

You read it ladies and gentleman this post is a PRODUCT review instead of a book review! So i got this entire set from Smiley360 and i was so excited! I waited my the mailbox for our USPS Worker. The kit i got contains a manual spinbrush, a tube of Truly Radiant toothpaste and a bottle of Truly Radiant Mouthwash.

The manual toothbrush is not something I/m a fan of. It looks like a child put it together and does exactly what a regular toothbrush does. The top of it (spin brush) doesn’t spin unless you turn it with your finger! LAME! But i continue to use it because I needed a new toothbrush!

The toothpaste seems to do what its supposed to! I do get a burning feeling around my lips but im probably just a sloppy tooth brusher.

The Mouthwash i love!!!! Normally i cant use mouthwash because i have sensitive teeth but i have no problem with this one. It doesn’t have alcohol in it or hydrogen peroxide but every time i use everything together my teeth feel so much cleaner and fresh! Plus they stay that way after eating and drink things too!


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