Who says you cant have your cake and eat it too!?

Whoooo so i am still slowly but surely working out throughout the week but it is very hard when it comes down to temptations! I know all men and women know how hard temptations are! Can i get an AMEN!? NO? Okay! Anyway i have another book review for yall!

This week i got another new addition from blogging for books and i was so tempted to just eat the damn pages but, alas, my body cant take that much fiber! My new addition is called The Sweetapolita Bake Book by Rosie Alyea and even though i might not be making any of these for a while there are so many new things that i already have plans for!

Chapter One is mainly sprinkles and cupcakes! It covers the different types of decorative edibles from regular sprinkles (called Jimmies, who knew) to 24 karat gold flakes… Yes gold flakes! There is a recipe for Sky High Chocolate covered Cupcakes that look like something straight from Martha Stewart herself! But it isnt just cupcakes and sprinkles in this chapter! There is also meringues, lollypops and CHEESECAKE!!!!! Sweet jesus i miss cheesecake!

Chapter two has quite a bit more variety in it. There are some more cupcakes, mini cakes and cookies but there is also edible chalk!!!!! and the cutest birthday/birthstone gems that would make the perfect little birthday gift for your favorite sweet toothed friend! There is also a recipe for a circus style Pink candied popcorn!

Chapter three is all about cookies! There is frosted animal cookies, water color graffiti cookies and cookie pops! Im not a big fan of cookies but if im in the mood i will mack down on a dozen or so. Not at this current time of course! Lol

Chapter four and chapter five is all about cakes! Holy cow these look amazing! They have everything from a double chocolate cake to what she calls her Mintiest Meringue Cake! Almost all of these are gorgeous and will take some time to perfect but also a mile high! There is one in here that i want to make for my fiance for his birthday in early May called a Chocolate Root Beer Float cake that looks like a to-die-for cake! But he isnt the cake type so i already have something planned!

And last but not least chapter six is full of tips and tricks as well as how to’s! Filled with detailed and pictured instructions for successful baking, filling pastry bags, decorating with royal icing as well as how to make it and even how to temper chocolate! I am now in love and i think the author did an amazing job of creating a layout that is easy to navigate as well as making things easy to read and understand!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for free in exchange for an honest review!


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