Bun in the oven, baby on board, bundle of joy, no matter what way you say it you still need to plan!


I am absolutely in love with The Bump products and i was so excited to see this little planner on the Blogging For Books website! This is one of those perfect books for new mommies and has every little thing you could possibly need for your entire pregnancy! It includes a slot for a picture in the front of the book so you can slide in your favorite photo of your baby! But it goes deeper than just one slot for pictures.
One of the first things you come to is three pages of timeline so that you can keep track of all the things you need to do throughout your pregnancy. Then you have a page for all of your important phone numbers just in case you arent home or around anyone you hope to be. But one of my favorite things about this book is that you can write a little note/ story for your child, telling them about their parents and what you are most nervous about when it comes to your baby. You have a page dedicated to a family tree as well as baby names you love, a list of prenatal tests you will take throughout your pregnancy and a place to keep track of your doctor visits!

It gets so much better than that though. This book is divided between your three trimesters with full page pockets for pictures, instructions from your doctor, test results and forms and anything else you might need! It also includes questions to ask your doctors and when to ask them and each trimester ends with another note space for you to write something for your baby! After the trimesters sections there is a baby section where you can keep all of their ” Baby Firsts”, pictures, baby checkups through their first year, a feeding tracker, and a gift log! In my opinion every mother needs this book! It will make so many things easier for you as well as less stressful! Pick it up on the Penguin Random House website at


I received this book from BloggingForBooks for review purposes!


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