Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake!

So i just recently found another cookbook through Blogging for books and the only reason i picked is because as soon as i saw it the only word that popped in my head is nostalgia. Now we havent been eating too much sweets lately and it really hasnt been hard with tooth extractions and sickness going ALL AROUND the house. Growing up we always had some form of snack and with a house full of children its always easy to go with small snacks like Home Run Pies, Chocodiles and one of my ultimate favorites, Twinkies! So i picked The Twinkie Cookbook and i was actually surprised to find out that its not the only one of its kind.


Now they had some interesting recipes like twinkie roll ups, twinkies, strawberries and chocolate wrapped in a tortilla and bacon wrapped twinkies but they had so many good potluck recipes like Twinkie strawberry Shortcake and Twinie Sushi that is only related to sushi because of the way the final product looks. AP060409024027 twinkie twinkiesushi-230

Every recipe is from people across the United States and almost all of them are super easy to make and cheap too! You can check it out or pick it up on Amazon at the link below! Who knows what you might find that could be your families new favorite dessert!

Amazon Buying link:


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