To die, to sleep –  To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, For in this sleep of death what dreams may come. ~William Shakespeare

   When someone famous dies millions upon millions of post roll in on social media. Over the past couple of weeks I’m sure everyone has heard of the celebrity deaths ranging from singers, wrestlers or ufc fighters but have you heard about the you heard about the 15-16 year old girl who died in a Delaware school bathroom? All over a boy. How many people mourn for her parents, who now have to live without their beautiful daughter?
   Hear about Morgan Wojciechowski, who was only trying to replicate a YouTube science experiment? What about the little boy who hung himself on accident on the playground at his daycare? The point I’m trying to get to is why can’t people be “equal opportunity post-ers”.
   Do people post because they knew them on a personal level? Noooo! They post these because they watched their movies and listened to their music. At this point my rant is pretty much over… I just wish people could stop and think about all of those children and families who’s story never gets heard because everyone is obsessed over what celebrity just passed.


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