Influenster Vox Vox Box Reviews

So as part of influenster im asked to write reviews on some of the products i got completely free from them. So i figured id do them all together!

Olay Regenerist Lumious: Tone perfecting moisturizing cream. I have completely fallen in love with this product! I have always had dark spots on my face and i get really embarrased when people ask why my skin looks the way it does… I know i cant help it but people are curious so they ask. I have been using this for going on two weeks now and i can already see a slight change in the way my skin looks. It smells amazing and it doesnt weigh your skin down! I would give it ★★★★☆

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Barracuda! I usually paint my nails on average three to four times a week. I know its not healthy for them but i like something new and bright. And while im talking about colors i might as well tell everyone i think im going through my blue phase because this blue is absolutely gorgeous! I guess the best way to describe it would be close to a tiffany and co blue! And on pinterest i have seen some amazing nails done with this color. It takes a couple coats but it does state on the bottle to use a couple coats. I have heard that people have had it chip on them and i have yet to have that problem. I would give it ★★★★★

Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge. Now for all you women and men who think all women wash our face every day or every night… I hate  to break it to you but not every woman does that… In fact my Boyfriend use to wash his face more than i did. But when i got this in my box i was like… okay i guess i can try it. At first i thought it was like a loufa, you know, hard, abrasive and it would completely scrub your skin raw. But i got it wet to use it and it started absorbing the water like crazy! its soft but gets your skin feeling so smooth and clean i love it and now i am one of those women who washes her face every day! i would it a ★★★★★

Tide To Go Pen: Always on the go! If you have never used this product you really should try it. They are cheap and very useful for all you busy women out there, and for all you men who want to help out your significant other with less tedious laundry! I would give it ★★★★★