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Art is for the soul!

   Books are obviously one of my favorite things in the world but following closely behind books would have to be things like music, D.I.Y. projects and last but certainly not least, art.
   In school I was more interested in music but I drew a lot when I was at home, alone, in my bed and sometimes I would wake up to bright colored marks ALL over my face. I have come so far from those drawings. I took a break for the longest time and when Tim found out that I used to draw, well, he spoiled me.
   For the past couple of months all I do in my spare time is draw. So when I got the opportunity to test out a brand new art teaching site I was so excited. I love to draw but I don’t know everything and learning different techniques is always fun for me.
   The website is called Paint Basket and it is owned, I believe, by two brothers. Dennis and Nolan Clark. The site itself is pretty basic and easy to use. They have live classes which I have yet to use but still, it’s a nice option to have. From the main page you can choose a random tutorial to use or you can filter mediums, subjects, skill level or instructor.
   For mediums they acrylic painting, oil painting,pastel painting, pen and ink drawing, pencil drawing or water color paintings. I love the selection but it was missing my favorite medium which is charcoal but either way it was nice to see something with a good variety to choose from. For the subjects you can choose from abstract, animal,cityscapes, flowers, general, landscapes, portraits, seascapes, still life and transport. The skill level is only beginner, intermediate and advanced. And the only two tutors you can pick from are Nolan or Dennis.
   I can say they definitely know what they are doing. As I was looking through all of the tutorials I saw so many great tutorials for some truly amazing artwork. Most of which were mostly done in pen and ink and pencil but some outrageously good in oil paints.
   Every tutorial has a class description under it that explains the different techniques that you can learn or work on by watching that video. They also have class handouts which is usually Your prompt picture, then it has a place for you to review the videos. One thing I wish they added though was a list of the products they use and what brand even would be cool.
   Overall I love the site and feel that it has so much potential to become the “new” art class tool for all learners. The link is http://onlineartlessons.com and each membership I believe is on a month by month basis at $20. The creators are always accepting emails so if you have any questions, go on ahead and ask them!