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“If you keep on drinking rum, the world will soon be quit of a very dirty scoundrel!” ― Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island


When you are a child, the thought of finding lost, buried or even new-to-you things is addicting. The thought of going on a mystery treasure or scavenger hunt is not unheard of but happens occasionally while playing with friends or siblings. Of course when I was growing up I loved the idea of finding a buried a treasure in a book store, you know that book in the very back of a bookcase or box in an old run down second hand shop for only $0.25. Those were my favorite treasures and nothing could beat them. One of my absolute favorites was Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. When I picked up this book I never knew how drawn into the book I would be, and certainly that I would not end up reading the book a couple dozen times in my life.

While browsing through the list of books on Blogging For Books last week I opened another tab to look at my new weeks book. I choose The New World By Andrew Motion and was so excited to find out that it is a continuation type of story from Treasure Island. I was not disappointed in the slightest with this story and i feel that Andrew Motion should do continuations of all of the Great American Classics. Now this book could definitely be read as a stand alone but I highly suggest that if you have read Treasure Island you run, type or call for a copy of this book! I’m almost positive that its books like these that will convert children and teens of this generation from smart phones and gaming consoles to print and e-books. Below, as usual, I will post the synopsis and buying link and don’t forget; READ ON, MY LOVELIES!

Book Synopsis:

Washed ashore after escaping Treasure Island, young Jim Hawkins and his companion Natty find themselves stranded on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Their ship, the Nightingale, has been destroyed, and besides one other crew member, they are the only survivors.  Before they can even grasp the full scope of their predicament, they realize they are not alone on the beach. When a band of Native Americans approaches the shore in a threatening fury, they brutally kill Jim and Natty’s last shipmate, rob their dead crew, and take the two desperate survivors hostage.

Suddenly, Jim and Natty are thrust into an adventure that takes them all across the unruly American South. Starting with a desperate escape from a violent chief who obsessively keeps close on their trail, they join up with a troupe of entertainers who take them to a thriving and dangerous New Orleans, and seek the closest port so they can set sail for home once again.

In magnificent, free-wheeling prose and in a high-flying style, Andrew Motion has spun a fantastic yarn that will win the hearts of adventure lovers everywhere.

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