To lose someone close to your heart… SONG OF THE WEEK!!!

  This week my family and I lost a dear member of our family. Lou McCumber, my grandfather passed this past week and my heart is breaking. Since I moved out of California I do have to say I spoke to my grandparents more now then I did in California.
  My grandfather use to take me on the weekends to spend time at his house with them and my cousins. He was the one who took me to Hawaii, showed me the life there, introduced me to the culture. And even though it was a failed marriage he gave me away at my wedding.
  This man was a strong man, religious to the core, with a huge heart for anyone who wanted to better themselves. Above all he lived for children. To see him with an infant would be like knowing what love at first sight. The passion he showed in everything he did brings me to tears.
  My song of the week is ” when the sand runs out” by Rascall Flatts. My grandpa loved with all his heart and not only did he make his mark on the people in his life but the world. I love you grandpa! All my heart!