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“I might not use capital letters. But I would definitely use an apostrophe…and probably a period. I’m a huge fan of punctuation.” ― Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

I am absolutely and utterly appalled at the book that i got from Blogging For Books this week. I am disappointed, sad, angry and confused. I picked a book  that someone was actually just talking to me about the other day…. I expected great, promising things from this book and i am absolutely crushed.

I picked A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing By Eimear McBride. My fiance and i had a long, LOOOOOONG discussion about this book last night because i could not get over the form of writing. At first i figured, “okay, maybe this wont last long.” NO! it is this way the entire FUCKING book! After realizing that i was like, ” Okay maybe there is a trick to reading it!” i tried covering up sentences and adding my own words, treating it like a puzzle. I spent so much time confused that i couldn’t feel any emotion. I think i just don’t understand why it has so many great ratings when every page is the same horrible grammar, improper sentences and puzzling words…. Ugh i am so pissed right now.


In scathing, furious, unforgettable prose, Eimear McBride tells the story of a young girl’s devastating adolescence as she and her brother, who suffers from a brain tumor, struggle for a semblance of normalcy in the shadow of sexual abuse, denial, and chaos at home. Plunging readers inside the psyche of a girl isolated by her own dangerously confusing sexuality, pervading guilt, and unrelenting trauma, McBride’s writing carries echoes of Joyce, O’Brien, and Woolf.  A Girl is a Half-formed Thing is a revelatory work of fiction, a novel that instantly takes its place in the canon.

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Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake!

So i just recently found another cookbook through Blogging for books and the only reason i picked is because as soon as i saw it the only word that popped in my head is nostalgia. Now we havent been eating too much sweets lately and it really hasnt been hard with tooth extractions and sickness going ALL AROUND the house. Growing up we always had some form of snack and with a house full of children its always easy to go with small snacks like Home Run Pies, Chocodiles and one of my ultimate favorites, Twinkies! So i picked The Twinkie Cookbook and i was actually surprised to find out that its not the only one of its kind.


Now they had some interesting recipes like twinkie roll ups, twinkies, strawberries and chocolate wrapped in a tortilla and bacon wrapped twinkies but they had so many good potluck recipes like Twinkie strawberry Shortcake and Twinie Sushi that is only related to sushi because of the way the final product looks. AP060409024027 twinkie twinkiesushi-230

Every recipe is from people across the United States and almost all of them are super easy to make and cheap too! You can check it out or pick it up on Amazon at the link below! Who knows what you might find that could be your families new favorite dessert!

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7 Best Gifts for that bookworm in your life!

So if you are here, you probably have a strange, uncontrollable addiction to books. I do! I saw a list the other day of the best gifts to give a bookworm and thought i would spice it up a little!

1.Book Shelves

Nothing makes a Bookworm feel more accomplished than being able to show off their vast collection of printed books. From large to small everyone needs a sturdy, handy dandy book shelf! I currently dont have a book shelf and need one badly so i have been searching all over for good ideas for big book shelves that i could potentially fit in the small space i have for one so i can get my books out of bag, boxes and suitcases in our garage! You can be a bookworm with no ability for arts or a D.I.Y. bookworm, here are some idea!

Mandala Bookshelf


This is made intirely out of boxes! Taking simple boxes and painting them then hanging them up in this pattern, ( or any pattern for that matter) Looks great and if done properly could be so cheap!

Childrens Nook/Bookcase


A little more complex than the last one but still cute and im sure your children AND teens would love it! The plus side, If you run out of room on your shelves you could always use one of the MANY spaces for your books too!

Grand piano Bookshelf!


To those loved ones who combine their loves of music and books together, this is PERFECT for them! I have seen many Pianos on Craigslist lately that are broken and people just want them gone! Do a little Wreck It Ralph treatment and hang it up! Absolutely beautiful!


Bookmarks are another necessity for bookworms. Whether they like to keep a book open at all times and ready to just pick up and go or those who favor the binding and want something small, there is a vast variety out there for every Bookworm!

For the Fangirl/Fanboy in your life

Bookmark LOTR 13inSet 2002 ABookmarks

For The simplistic fans


For the eccentric and unique! 


3. Book-ish Games

Every bookworm loves playing book related games…. I hope.. It might just be me but even if it isnt here are some cool book inspired games for the family!



For Any fan of the classic Monopoly game here is a new BOOK spin on the whole thing!

Trivial Pursuit Book Edition


For the book worms who like trivia!

Jenga Book Lovers Edition!


For those book worms who love a good puzzle!

4. Movies from Books

When we finish a good book and then find out its being turned into a movie, i can tell you almost every bookworm will in fact see the movie!


For the classics fan


For the bookworm dying for a good ugly cry


For the vampire freak

5. Book-ish clothing

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to read nekkid in the tub with a good book but for those who like reading in public without the possibility of being arrested for public indecency; clothes are vital! Check out some of these cute clothes to attract other bookworms and even spark a good book convo!

Catch-22-T-shirt-540x675 Divergent-T-shirt Pride-and-Prejudice-Light-Weight-Fleece-540x810 The-Hunger-Games-Peeta-T-shirt The-Nights-Watch-Quote-T-shirt-540x553

6. Book-ish home decor

Proudly display your love of books all throughout your house so people with posters, add a nice frame and you have art for any room in your home!


7. Book-ish bedding

Why not fall asleep reading and surround yourself in books at the same time!?

alicevintageborderblack14333x18v2_queen_duvet divergent_symbols_quotes_queen_duvet dreaming_twin_duvet i_am_divergent_tris_sky_blue_twin_duvet off_with_her_head_queen_duvet


Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura Author Q&A with Annie Hughes!!!!

Author Q&A for Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura

  • When creating Anna did you ever play around with the age on her character or did you instantly know she was going to be in her late teens?

I knew she’d be in her teens, but I had her being a little younger at first. 16 worked well though.

  • Personally as an inked woman I love it when characters have ink themselves. Is it normal for teens to get ink early where you are from or is it like it is in the states where they really aren’t supposed to have them but they get them anyway?

It’s quite possible to get them, especially for Anna as her friend did them for her! In Anna’s world, before the Porters, nothing really happened like it was supposed to. The law wasn’t really her law.

  • How did you create the scenes where sex and rape where discussed and not taken too over the top?

I had so much difficulty with this. I was so scared that I would take it too far. But, I read a lot and I know from that point of you where the limits are. Plus I have awesome friends that helped me J

  • Would you relate anyone in your life to the characters in your book? If so who would they be and why?

Ahh.. unfortunately, this is the hazard of being an author. ANYONE can influence a book, stranger on the street, childhood friend, anyone. There are some traits in all my characters of myself, and the people around me.

  • So im told you will be releasing your second book here soon…. PLEASE tell me it has the same characters as this one?!?!

Of course! Anna’s story continues in Breaking Free: Learning to Fly, release July 17th.

  • How long did it take you to write this book?

I was writing it off and on for around 18 months, but I got super serious in the last 5 months or so.

  • What is your top 3 ways to cure writers block?

Read, rant and ramble. I live by that. I have a couple of friends, my Alphas, who will let me ball down the phone at them until I get my inspiration back.

  • Who is your favorite character out of all of them… (besides Miss Anna of course)

I love writing Chloe, she’s so much fun! She’s the best friend everyone wants!

  • I like to relate books to music so with that being said, if you could create a playlist of at least 10 songs, what songs would they be and who is the artist?

I actually have a playlist for Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura. I have playlist for all my books. Here is 10 from Anna’s first book.

Hurt – Christina Aguilera

Last Resort – Papa Roach

Hope – Twista

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

Fighter – Christina Aguilera

Battle Cry – Angel Haze

The Tourist – Lucy Spraggan

Fireflies – Owl City

Friend – Kaitlyn

Masquerade – Daniel Pearson

  • Will there be a third book in this series?

There will be a third book in the series, but it’s a secret for now 😉

“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one’s self.” ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Okay so i have two book reviews today but i have been “out of the office” for a few days. I have wanted to post these reviews but i had a couple of teeth removed and… well… it hurt more than i had thought it would. I had a wisdom tooth growing into the side of a molar that i needed pulled due to an exposed root. So the dentist tells me that my wisdom tooth grew in at about a 90 degree angle to my other teeth. Im slowly starting back with solid foods and it was hard during the fourth because i wanted a little of EVERYTHING!!!! lol We had a blast though! Tim and Christopher spent so much time, effort and money into this holiday and it was absolutely perfect! Tim bought me a floating lantern as well to light for my mom so i will have to include the pictures below! Anyway, im going to go ahead and jump into these reviews!

11050650_10205686378711077_3783015678038792981_n 11659391_10205686378871081_3454128917003208045_n 11707630_10205686379351093_5818763303449643803_n 11051925_10205686386311267_5164996492365390851_n 11403339_10205686421832155_4801379675108597959_n

So i was contacted to do a review of a book called Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura by Annie Hughes. Just so you know i went into this completely blind! I didnt look the book up and I did it for a reason. I am challenging myself. I want to get into a book for the content, not what i think its going to be. I got so into this book and finished it in two days. I loved it! The characters were well built and complete early on. The main character, Anna Rosa, is on a new level of heroine in my book. She perfects the thought behind overcoming obstacles and challenges but at the same time it is made very clear that she has flaws. It makes the book more realistic! I’ll leave the synopsis below as well as the amazon buying link and hopefully here within the next couple of days ill be able to get a Q&A done with the author for this book! 

Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura by Annie Hughes Synopsis:

Anna Rosa Castillo is unlike most 16 year old girls.

She doesn’t care for clothes or make up, nor does she giggle with her friends about hot guys. Coming from a small town in the North of England, where drugs and criminals are at the top of the food chain, Anna’s life is an impossible mixture of pain and sorrow. Drawing and tattoos are her only way of escaping the tortures that consume her at home. She lives by only one rule – do whatever he says, and she might live long enough to get away.
All that changes when a fatal night lands the monster of her nightmares in a prison cell and herself in a hospital bed, staring into the eyes of a father she has never known.

The addition of a father and family turns Anna’s life upside-down, thrusting her into a world she could never understand. Inner demons and unspeakable memories claw at her as she tries to build a relationship with her new family. But with her past looming over her new life, will she be able to break free?

Amazon Buying Link:


Now for my second book! I received The Mask by Taylor Stevens from Blogging For Books and I wasnt as impressed with this one. Ill start with the synopsis first so you can get a feel for it.

Vanessa Michael Munroe, chameleon and information hunter, has a reputation for getting things done: dangerous and not quite legal things that have taken her undercover into some of the world’s deadliest places. Still healing from a Somali hijacking gone wrong and a brutal attack that left her near death, Munroe joins her lover, Miles Bradford, in Japan where he’s working as a security consultant protecting high-value technology from industrial espionage. In the domesticity of their routine she finds long sought-after peace—until Bradford is arrested for murder, and the same interests who targeted him come after her, too.
Searching for answers and fighting to stay alive, Munroe will soon discover how far she’ll go to save Bradford from spending the next twenty years in locked-up isolation; how many laws she’ll break when the truth seems worse than his lies; and who to trust and who she must kill. Because she’s a strategist and hunter with a predator’s instincts, and the man she loves has just stabbed her in the back.
With break-neck pacing, incendiary prose, and an unforgettable cast of characters, The Mask features Vanessa Michael Munroe: a brilliant, lethal heroine who will stop at nothing to find the truth, no matter what it may cost.

Now when i went into this book i didnt expect such a sporadic plot. The crime is very white collar where you are lead to believe its more than it is so that was one disappointment and also this whole story is set in Japan. Now I dont doubt that the author knows her stuff about Japan and its culture but how in the hell do you properly navigate your brain through the streets of Japan without proper description which i thought it was missing. This book may be for other people but it really want for me. It just reminded me of a bad lifetime movie.