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Long Overdue respect and love to my Bestie!

I think everyone has that one friend who is always there for you and has nothing but time when you need help… and if by any chance you don’t… I am so sorry. I have an amazing friend who never seems to understand how much I truly appreciate her and everything that she does for me. But at the same time I am not usually the type of person to tell her. So today I would like to tell you all about my friend Sam. Sam may not mean anything to you but I don’t know how I could ever get anything done without her. I know we piss each other off every once in a while but that’s a normal human thing and we tend to get over it by the next day or so.


See I don’t drive and haven’t since I got my permit taken away. Sam has never had any problems with running me to the store or to pick something up and even though I know she doesn’t like being out in the dead of winter freezing her buns off, she never complains and pushes through it for me. But its not just that, her and I have been through a lot together, three moves, a cross country car ride in a jeep liberty with three other people and three full grown dogs ( Never doing that again), loss of family members, our significant others being home all the time, our significant others being at work all the time, children, pets, absolutely retarded room mates, crazy family members… it seems like we have been through it all and no matter what every time we are together her and I are in the biggest laughing fits ever!

I suffer from depression horribly and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Samantha I would be in bed and sleeping 24/7 because I normally don’t want to be around anyone… period. She has pulled me out of that funk and continues to make me laugh. I think the only thing that still needs work is my love of all things Christmas. She is slowly breaking me down though because she gets so excited over everything around that time of year. Thank you Sam for always being there as a strong support system, a hilarious friend and a wonderful part of my inner circle!

So tell me, who is your best friend? How long have you known them? Why do you love them!?



Too young to feel this damn old….

   Tuesday is my 25th birthday and I feel sooooo damn old. In life you go through so many important days and you never really know the significance of them until your older…. let’s see….
We have your first birthday…. and let’s face it… that shit isn’t for anyone but your patents who live to take those embarrassing pictures you will never live down…. skip forward a few years and your at your 13th birthday…. you can’t really celebrate thus one because well…. to you you are now a teen but to your parents…. your still a child. 16 is huge for girls… super sweet 16 right you get your permit/licence and you get to go to prom. 18 your out of school, home and in the real world. Great, right? Till you start getting bills in your name that seem outrageous but you always find a way to figure it out…. Then the big 21 comes and you can party and drink and get locked in jail for public intoxication…. who doesn’t want that?
   No one really cares about the next couple decades till you hit 50 or even 100 if your lucky. But I do. A quarter of a century is huge time because I look back at everything in my life and think… how the flying hell did i make it!? But there are still things I wish could have been done but live and learn right? I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster as the days tick closer…. so I’m doing what I do best when stressed out… blogging baby!
   So I’m curious…. what is one day that you will always remember? Be it a birthday, holiday or even the day you were picking your nose and found a penny…. it doesn’t matter… because it was something for you… let me know! Love y’all and happy reading!

Shitty emotions, holidays and babies… Just not in that order!

   I am a horrible blogger…. there I said it…. I am a horrible blogger…. not just because I’m new at it but I haven’t been posting much lately. And honestly I don’t know if I can still be considered a new blogger. I’ve been blogging since, like, June but it still seems new to me. But I’m rambling as usual! So I need to blog to get these emotions out… I feel free to say what’s on my mind when I blog. I just need to find the words to explain these feelings and in no way hurt anyone who may read this because that is by far my intentions.
Christmas always puts me in that mood. That EFF life, who cares, why bother mood. And since Tim and I have been together I have gradually gotten better about my holiday moods but this year was better than last by far. I think it was better because Tim has been busting balls at work to bring home better checks so we have money to do things as a family. If it wasn’t for the work him and Chris put into working so hard I don’t know where we would be…. To help with my better mood I have these amazing book worm friends who never fail to amaze me with their positive attitudes and care as well as generosity. I couple months or so ago my kindle went missing and we had no idea where it went. These ladies, in the middle of the financial tight spot of the year, pulled together and pitched in to buy a brand new Kindle PaperWhite. I came out to find mail on the table with my name on it and when I opened it to find that and a new case for it…. I cried. To have such amazing friends, that have never met me, and don’t want me to have to suffer without my books, just had me dumbfounded. I feel like such a shitty person because I haven’t been participating in a lot of activities. I get on every day but I never know what to say so I close out the app and do it again the next day. Love these amazing women because they do so much for everyone I sometimes feel like I don’t belong with women who are so amazing but i realize we were brought together by books, surround each other in book related material and non book related too and we support each other no matter what the subject, like loss of a family member or schooling or just random bitching! So I’m trying to tell myself I have a place here every time I’m in group but I think with time ill be more comfortable.
Christmas eve brought a new addition to our family. Tim has a younger sister, Candice, who was supposed to give birth on the 21 of December and didn’t until 6:00 am on the 24th. This child is so funny and his faces crack me up! But I look at him and I want to break down. Tim and I have been through two miscarriages and it makes it harder and harder for the both of us to even want it. I know Tim would love to be a father, and he would make the perfect one, but he is worried about financial statuses, which I love about him. I want so badly to be able to hold this baby more than I do but I can’t. And I don’t want to say this to any of them because I don’t want them to feel like I’m targeting them because again… in no way am I trying to hurt anyone. On the 20th of this month I will be 25 years old and i look at my life and think… ” where in the hell has all of this time gone?” I went to school with women who now have two , three and four children and here I am, holding everyone else’s baby, wishing it was mine. Not in a law and order type longing… just wishful thinking. I can’t control it, its like word vomit, mental word vomit. But Christmas brought so many good, healthy, hopeful thoughts and I was hoping it would last.
   ~ NEW YEARS ~
I have come to the realization that the key to my unhappiness is my physical state. I just haven’t done anything about it and I need too. My body hurts more as I get older and getting out of bed is ridiculous. I hate standing for too long because my sides hurt. So I have told myself that this is the year. This is the year I will be better, not just for my mental health but physical health as well.  I’m going to be working out more but I need to get myself into that mindset that I CAN DO IT, and I NEED TO DO THIS. Along with working on my physical health I’m thinking about quitting smoking but I’m not entirely sure that’s going to happen. Its something that keeps me from wanting to kill everyone. My mental health is back in the place where it use to be and I can’t pin point where it comes from but I honestly hate myself. I don’t say these things to complain or to gain sympathy but to make them known to those around me. I go through days where im not happy and cheerful and funny and that is why. I get tired of wearing that mask that says, ” No, I’m perfectly fine!” I love my family, my book worm friends and all of my followers on WordPress and off and honestly these are the people who keep me from actually wanting to kill myself. I’m just afraid that I’ll get to that place where even that won’t matter. I love joking, but lately I’m not in the mood for it. So to anyone who reads this, thank you, for your time, patience and love. I’m not dead yet! Happy new year! Read on, my loves, read on!

To lose someone close to your heart… SONG OF THE WEEK!!!

  This week my family and I lost a dear member of our family. Lou McCumber, my grandfather passed this past week and my heart is breaking. Since I moved out of California I do have to say I spoke to my grandparents more now then I did in California.
  My grandfather use to take me on the weekends to spend time at his house with them and my cousins. He was the one who took me to Hawaii, showed me the life there, introduced me to the culture. And even though it was a failed marriage he gave me away at my wedding.
  This man was a strong man, religious to the core, with a huge heart for anyone who wanted to better themselves. Above all he lived for children. To see him with an infant would be like knowing what love at first sight. The passion he showed in everything he did brings me to tears.
  My song of the week is ” when the sand runs out” by Rascall Flatts. My grandpa loved with all his heart and not only did he make his mark on the people in his life but the world. I love you grandpa! All my heart!


Blogging For Books Book Review #2

As a young kid i always looked forward to coming home from school and watching Ripleys believe it or not. There was just something about seeing weird people all around the world that made me feel a little more normal around other people. As much as it helped me feel average compared to all the other little booger pickers, I never put any thought to who Robert Ripley was… Honestly I thought his name was Ripley… odd name for an odd guy… it fit right?
I explained last post about Blogging for Books and i honest to Pete love this site… and its only my second book!lol But its a start to making my “Beauty and the Beast” library. Anyway, this week i ordered A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert “Believe It or Not!” Ripley. I had my heart set on one book but saw this and clicked faster than my brain could say stop… But compared to my last book i loved it!!!!
I think what did it for me was the fact that the author didn’t seem to keep details out of the picture… You get what could possibly be the entire story of Mr. Robert Ripley. Neal Thompson covered everything from his complicated childhood, to his heyday as a one-man multi-media powerhouse to the unfortunate personal decline and demise, and finally, through his still-vibrant legacy. To any fans, or people like me ( a 90’s kid) this is a definite read…. well of course unless you have never heard of him… in which case… good him, read about him and then one click this baby and read more about him!!! Thanks for spending some time with me and he if you wanna know more about Blogging for Books or just wanna say whats going on… HIT ME UP!!!! I love getting to know people and who follows me! Below is the book synopsis and the amazon page in which you can buy it or sample it!

**A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert “Believe It or Not!” Ripley Synopsis**
A Curious Man is the marvelously compelling biography of Robert “Believe It or Not” Ripley, the enigmatic cartoonist turned globetrotting millionaire who won international fame by celebrating the world’s strangest oddities, and whose outrageous showmanship taught us to believe in the unbelievable.

As portrayed by acclaimed biographer Neal Thompson, Ripley’s life is the stuff of a classic American fairy tale. Buck-toothed and cursed by shyness, Ripley turned his sense of being an outsider into an appreciation for the strangeness of the world. After selling his first cartoon to Time magazine at age eighteen, more cartooning triumphs followed, but it was his “Believe It or Not” conceit and the wildly popular radio shows it birthed that would make him one of the most successful entertainment figures of his time and spur him to search the globe’s farthest corners for bizarre facts, exotic human curiosities, and shocking phenomena.

Ripley delighted in making outrageous declarations that somehow always turned out to be true—such as that Charles Lindbergh was only the sixty-seventh man to fly across the Atlantic or that “The Star Spangled Banner” was not the national anthem. Assisted by an exotic harem of female admirers and by ex-banker Norbert Pearlroth, a devoted researcher who spoke eleven languages, Ripley simultaneously embodied the spirit of Peter Pan, the fearlessness of Marco Polo and the marketing savvy of P. T. Barnum.

In a very real sense, Ripley sought to remake the world’s aesthetic. He demanded respect for those who were labeled “eccentrics” or “freaks”—whether it be E. L. Blystone, who wrote 1,615 alphabet letters on a grain of rice, or the man who could swallow his own nose.

By the 1930s Ripley possessed a vast fortune, a private yacht, and a twenty-eight room mansion stocked with such “oddities” as shrunken heads and medieval torture devices, and his pioneering firsts in print, radio, and television were tapping into something deep in the American consciousness—a taste for the titillating and exotic, and a fascination with the fastest, biggest, dumbest and most weird. Today, that legacy continues and can be seen in reality TV, YouTube, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Jackass, MythBusters and a host of other pop-culture phenomena.

In the end Robert L. Ripley changed everything. The supreme irony of his life, which was dedicated to exalting the strange and unusual, is that he may have been the most amazing oddity of all.

**AMAZON** http://www.amazon.com/Curious-Man-Strange-Brilliant-Believe-ebook/dp/B00A5MS0ZA/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

New to the blogging scene but here i go!!

My name is Sharon Mccumber and I have been plotting on the blogging scene for a while now and am just now getting started. I am 24 years old and I live in Northern Indiana ( Cali born and raised though). Currently I am a stay at home girlfriend to the worlds most amazing man!!! We have been together for over 2 years now and I am happier than I have ever been. I grew up in a very quiet town in northern California called Marysville and its about and hour north of Sacramento. I was adopted by my great aunt who also adopted my little sisters and raised us to always believe you could make something of yourself if you tried hard enough. Unfortunately she passed a little over a year ago and i miss her like crazy! But life happens i guess and even though she is gone she will never ever be forgotten. She was the one who taught me to do so many arts and crafts projects, and how NOT to cut my hair lol. (Side note to the younger readers: If your mother says she is going to give you a farrah fawcett haircut…. RUN). And my Great Grandmother Roxy brought out my love of music. And I always figured i got my love of books from my father. But i think the most important thing in my life right now is my love for myself. Most people wont understand unless they knew more of my story but up until recently i use to hate myself and the way i looked but thanks to some amazing family, a super awesome boyfriend and my best friend Sam Sam, I’m starting to pull myself out of my hermit shell 🙂 So if you read this blog and continue to read this blog for however long you will more than likely see a ton of those things among so many others… and while I’m at this point I want to personally think every single person reading this!

                                                                                                       ~For the love of hobbies~

     As someone who stays at home while my significant other works (bless his heart) i find that i get bored really easy so i though of everything i know how to do and i work on perfecting them!

~Crocheting: to make (a garment or piece of fabric) using crochet. I have been doing crocheting since i was in my early teens. I never got the hang of knitting but when im stressed, crocheting always helps.

~Corseting: to regulate strictly with a corset, can be combined with a regular diet. I actually just started at the beggining of this year and i love it. Some women think corsets are just for show and as a bigger woman i dont feel that way but it makes me feel better wearing one and would incourage anyone who has questions or has thought about it to definitely look into it or try it.

~D.I.Y. : “Do It Yourself”. I absolutly love D.I.Y projects… That is usually what i get on pinterest for.

~Sampling: Receiving products free of charge in the mail to try and keep!!!! Myself and my best friend Sam Sam ( who i talk about a ton) generally do this together and haul in a ton of free samples of all different sizes every month…. *This will be talked about alot.

~ Music:  an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm,     melody, harmony, and color. I love to sing and am playing music almost more than i breath lol.

~ Nails, Makeup, Hair : On most of these i will probably be getting help from Sam Sam and do what i can with tutorials 🙂

~ Books: I am a 100%, to-the-core Book Worm and am currently a member of a group on facebook called Book Worms Unite. This group is full of lively, amazing, beautiful women who love books as much as i do!!! I know any other book lovers would appreciate this awesome group so i will throw in the link for anyone who wants to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1440059426233324/?fref=nf

So in a nutshell these are probably the biggest topics that will be covered and i am always open for ideas for new topics and hobbies so feel free to contact me in the links provided and i will do my best to answer them quickly. And hopefully i will be able to do a couple free giveaways in the near future!

My Links———-> My Blog—- https://mccumber1990.wordpress.com My twitter—– https://twitter.com/mccumber_1990 My facebook—– https://www.facebook.com/sharon.mccumber.1 My Instagram —— http://instagram.com/touchofpoison My Pinterest ——- http://www.pinterest.com/twihardcrazy/

My youtube channel ——– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpoht_XwDXIoYfsx2-4c9lw